Exhibition title:     SYNESTHESIA (ex CERBERUS) by Dario Borelli
Duration:              02  October – 01  November 2020

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Collage, mnemonic experiences, street art, screen printing, sound waves, Japan and sprays, video amplification, acrylics, software and smells, cultural flows, obedience and rebellion, supply and demand, lacquer red, golden black, quick silver, sensual geometries, baroque and chinoiserie, Africa , bombs, classic art and more plugins!

Every little joy or sorrow, every disappointment or joy is revealed in the interpretation we give to what surrounds us.

An interpretation that in turn strengthens and shapes our being.

Right there in the gliding of that flow is my work, created and marked like an ‘Asabikeshiinh’ by the energies flowing through it.

What I create is therefore the result of a continuous interaction with events and emotions.

Like a medium, I am influenced by beings and creations of all kinds, both near and far. Like a puppeteer I move the threads of technique to get an answer…

Technique is mixed, thought is mixed, existence in itself is!

Everything merges into a potpourri of actions, energies and larger systems.

All of this is reflected in the work and in the “feeling” of those who observe it… who hear it, who endure it, who ignore it, who fall in love with it!