How to buy something

once you have chosen the product and checked its availability, you can send me an email using the contact form with the title of the work (s) you are interested in.

You can visit me directly in my Atelier ( look at themap ) every Saturday from 2pm to 5pm or if you prefer you can ask for a private appointment to see the works chosen live.


Creating a painting takes several of hours of work to go into the process of building up the many layers of paints. Minimum lead time on a commission is 1 months. My aim is to create something that keep the viewers into a new spirits and counsciuosness. My style is constantly changing as I keep discovering new paints and techniques and I want to explore the limitless possibilities of colour on canvas. I don’t ever want to become bored and always push myself to take greater creative risks.

If you are interested in a commission on this scale or in buying your own large original painting on canvas my team will be very happy to advise you on any questions you may have such as;

  • How much will a painting cost?
  • How long will a painting on canvas take to create?

Please email to describe your individual requirements for a art commission. 

A non refundable 50% deposit is required before any works are undertaken.

The artist works ‘in the style of’ existing paintings from his collections and within a colour scheme but each commission would be a totally unique piece created especially for the client. He does not recreate existing pieces. Once He has accepted a brief he will work independently until completion.