Dario Borelli was born in Rome on 22 January 1969 where he began his artistic studies at the V Liceo Artistico Statale.

After attending art school, he then progressed to study for five years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

Dario has a work located in Piazza Venezia 11 in Rome for which he is the recipient of the first prize awarded by the city of Rome, prior to his graduation from the Academy of Art.

In the years that followed, he designed numerous art objects, trompe I’ oeil in homes and public buildings, co-founded the art studio “Interno 32” and the cultural association “Anno Zero” which is the home to numerous spectacular cultural events and exhibitions. The artistic journey continues, during which he focuses on restoration projects of various monuments in his hometown.

In his studio in Rome, he continues to work in close collaboration with friends and artists and organizes additional exhibits, while dedicated to graphic art.

Dario Borelli now lives and works in Switzerland since 2007.

His artworks have been shown in numerous exhibitions, including in Laax GR, Sevgein GR, Basel Stadt and Lucerne.

Based in Lucerne, where he works on different personal and commissioned projects.