Visual Concert

Exhibition title:     SYNESTHESIA (Music and Light Performance)
Duration:             03-10-17-24-31  October  2020
Performers:           Dario Borelli & Antonio Corrado

The idea of ​​making a show together had been around for a long time. The right opportunity presents itself and the idea gradually becomes reality, thus begins a hard but pleasant work of video-music experimentation … a spasmodic search to musically merge two worlds of belonging distant from each other … a continuous exchange and stimulus between me and my dear friend Antonio Corrado, a fine and multifaceted musician who makes the guitar the main instrument of his eclecticism. There is also to design and implement everything related to the scenic setting and the creation of video projections that can blend with the rhythms that are sometimes sweet, sometimes powerful … obsessive, sometimes extended and gaseous of the songs that are born in the forge of our creations. After days of intense exchanges … sometimes so intense as to become clashes … and then return to a reborn fluid and energetic collaboration, we finally manage to find that formula … the magic formula … that formula that guides you through new experiences and that allows you to accomplish what you did not think you were able to do … to overcome your limit once again … growing and learning something more once again.


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